We are open 7 days a week and aim to offer you and your animal the very best in veterinary care:
  • Small animal consultations available all day by appointment
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques - radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy
  • Purpose built facilities with separate dog and cat wards including isolation facilities
  • Home visits available on request
  • Surgery - both orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures
  • Australian Veterinary Association certificate hip and elbow scoring
  • PennHIP Radiology for prediction of Hip Dysplasia
  • Intensive care unit and monitoring equipment for emergency/critical care patients
  • Behavioural consultations and qualified dog training.
  • Acupuncture
  • Chemotherapy
  • Reptile Medicine.
  • Visiting specialists
  • BAER Hearing tests for puppies
  • AQIS Certification to meet your overseas travel requirements
  • In-house laboratory - full blood and urine testing facilities
  • In-house progesterone testing
  • High quality prescription and regular pet foods
  • Puppy preschool
  • Advice in the latest flea, worm and parasite prevention
  • Pet accessories and toys
Our vets are available for consultation 7 days a week.
Standard consultations are 15 minutes in duration. However we are aware that, in certain situations, more time is needed. If you feel that this may apply to you please mention it to Reception upon booking of your consultation. This allows our vets to provide you with the level of service that is required whilst attempting to keep waiting to a minimum.
We do insist that upon arrival at the clinic all dogs are kept on leads and all cats are in cat cages. If you do not have a lead or cat cage with you when you arrive please talk to Reception about borrowing one from us prior to bringing your pet into the waiting room
Unfortunately from time to time accidents do happen.
Here at BVH we are well equipped to deal with all emergency situations from a road traffic accident to an accidental poisoning or snake bite.
Our staff have been trained to deal quickly and calmly in order to provide the best in Emergency Veterinary Care.
BVH has its own in-house laboratory to allow rapid evaluation via blood tests. We also have an ultrasound machine, x-ray facilities, intravenous fluid pumps, intensive care monitoring equipment and a humidicrib. This allows us to work effectively in dealing with emergencies.



At Bowral Veterianry Hospital, we also offer a complete reproductive service from successful conception through to post-whelping care.
This includes fertility testing by measurement of in house progesterone levels which will give an result within the hour.  Health checks of the bitch and pups throughout the pregnancy can be achieved using a human quality ultrasound.  We are well trained in natural, artificial and surgical insemination techniques using fresh, chilled and frozen semen. We assist in whelping management including Caesarian surgery and post-whelping care.
We offer a canine semen collection, freezing and storage service. We use the Camelot system of freezing semen achieving excellent fertility results.
For more information, please see our reproduction webpage or call and speak to one of our vets.

We realise that there are certain times when it is just not possible for you to come into the clinic with your animal.

As a result we offer a Home Visit service where one of our vets, assisted by a veterinary nurse when required, will visit you and your pet at home.
Obviously in more serious cases your pet may then require transfer to the clinic for further treatment.
In our experience, this service is often chosen when a pet is to be euthanased as it is slightly easier for everyone if such a sad moment can occur in familiar and private surroundings. Our vets and nurses are dedicated to ensuring that such events are as stress-free as possible.